Pinning Projects

It is no surprise that I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest! I love everything about it. The endless supply of ideas on anything and everything. The fact that on most pins you can find out "how" they completed the project and helpful hints along the way or where they found that amazing print. It is addicting. It makes me want to redo everything about my house. Sometimes it makes me feel like one lame mom. But most the time, it provides for a creative outlet that I didn't know that I had. It provides me the ideas and I get to put my own spin on it. This page will be dedicated to the Pinterest inspired projects I have done for our home or for one reason or another…

Campbell Soup with a TWIST.
Another item for the toy room. I saw this on the YHL blog and was actually looking for a fun and creative way to store crayons & pencils for the boys. It was super easy and super inexpensive.

Be the Change
Simply put, I loved EVERYTHING about this one but mainly the quote.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

It now resides in the boys' toy room so as they grow older they will be reminded that they can make a difference. They can be the change that this world so desperately needs.

Monogrammed Wall Art
Since buying our new house we have been very slow to hang things up on the wall. Two things that I didn't have any doubts about were the two new pieces of art for the boys Jack-n-Jack bathroom. The add the perfect neutral touch to a fun and colorful boys bathroom.

My Favorite Pinning Project -Giant Ruler/Growth Chart

Update: We finally found the perfect place to hang Logan's in his room. With a little help from Daddy and his new power drill (why we haven't had one of these a long time ago, I have no idea!) we had it up in no time and we were even able to add his latest mark, the one year mark.

I would love this project if it was made from just any wood but this is from my Grandpa Earl's barn that is over 80 years old. He passed away in January 2011 and this is just a little way for my boys to always have him close by.

Kid Friendly Kitchen Table
I fell in love with the idea of having a kitchen table that Kaden and Logan could create their own masterpiece after masterpiece. Found it on Pinterest and made it my own.

Kaden's Art Gallery Wall Display
I love that Kaden is old enough to bring home art projects from day care. I love seeing them every day even more. On this project I purchased 5 frames all in different sizes and styles and painted them all white. I wrapped the canvas in burlap to use as the back of the frames and to "pin" the artwork to. Can't wait to add a few more frames to the gallery wall.

Wedding gift for my sister and Rob. Super easy and I sure loved it!

Button Wall Art - For the GrandParents