Making Our Forever Home

Well, we did it. We sold our current home and bought our "forever home". Or at least our home until we can't walk up and down stairs anymore.

So what does this house look like and what do we have to do once we move in.

The house is open which was one of my must haves. I want a space where our family can be together in. Where Justin is in the kitchen cooking, Kaden is at the table coloring and Logan is playing in the toy room all while I am sitting back on the couch with my feet up!

We have a master bedroom, a real master bedroom with a master bathroom and a nice size closet. I am counting down the days until I get to soak in the soaker tub (night one kind of stuff). A little jack johnson, a few candles and maybe even a glass of wine and it will be the perfect ending to a day full of moving!

The house has 4 of the bedrooms upstairs and the boys even have a nice jack and jack bathroom connecting their rooms. Nothing special on the size of their rooms but they will have plenty of room to still house all their things when they become teenagers. And if by chance we have a girl down the road, we will have plenty of closet room for all her cute little clothes! We also have extra space for visitors and can't wait until my nieces and nephews get to come up and spend a little time with us this summer. 

The house has a nice size back yard for the dogs to run around in and we are surrounded by green space. Lots of exploring to do this summer. 

And the house has a great driveway for a future basketball goal. I am sure we will have to ask them more than once how they are even able to see the goal with it being so dark out!

Basically this house has everything we need to make it a home, our home. It will be a work in progress when it comes to finding the right furnishings for the house but besides what we want to buy, it is all ready and that is exactly what I wanted. Move in ready. 

Speaking of furnishings, I am working on my first project for the house, well two actually. Kaden's wrought iron bed-it has been primed and has one light coat of yellow done but since it rained all day today, I didn't get the chance to work on it again. I did get to finish our breakfast table. We bought a CHEAP round pedestal table off of Craigs List and I gave it a makeover. It now has a bright white base and a chalkboard top. A perfect kid friendly touch to the new house. (Pictures to come as soon as I can get it out of the garage)

 So that is a little peak at the house. And please disregard all the furniture in the house, none of it is ours, it will all go away very soon. It is bound to be a very busy but exciting next couple of months and we will make sure to update as we go along. As organized as I am, I can already picture blog posts about packing every little bit of our stuff and how we move from the old house to the new with two dogs and two kiddos. Stay tuned...