Friday, May 22, 2020

School is OUT for REAL.

Well, that was the most unconventional way to end their 3rd and 4th grade years but we tried to make the most of a not so great situation. What started out as only an extended spring break turned into virtual learning for the entire 4th quarter. The boys had mixed emotions about the whole thing, I did to. On one hand they got to wake up and stay in their PJs all day, if they wanted to, & Logan didn't have to do his hair but on the other hand, they both missed their teachers and their friends fiercely. & I'll admit it, in the beginning we were ROCKING everything about sheltering in place but towards the end, we were just trying to survive. 

And even though this school year didn't end as it typically would have with kids spraying silly string at each other, water gun fights and ice cream socials---it was still a pretty fantastic year at our beloved Canyon Creek Elementary. These boys were the first class of third and fourth graders to walk into the new school & they both THRIVED. They were blessed with the best teachers a parent (or student) could ask for. They benefited immensely from the smaller class sizes, from the project based learning and they both grew a little more into their own shoes. So proud of how hard these two worked all year & so thankful for such a fantastic inaugural year at CYE. Here's to hoping that the start of 4th and 5th looks vastly different than the end of this year.

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