Saturday, February 8, 2020


This was an evening that the boys had been looking forward to since the last time they had seen the Globetrotters---& this time it would be with some classmates & a buddy, Nathan. Who bought the boys VIP passes to meet all the Globetrotters before the show. They were amazed by the size of all the players and their tricks. 

& then came the game---they LOVED every minute of it and I loved watching them squirm in their seats & just giggle with laughter. 

& well done to the Globetrotters, they sold arm sleeves that benefited a mental health foundation for youth and we all know how much I love causes like this, so of course we had to get two---even if they never wore them. 

& before we left, we found a few more buddies. Not sure which kid was happier!


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