Monday, January 20, 2020

A new "home" & a Mega Mission

Today the boys and I, along with many friends and 100s of volunteers, came together for the MLK Mega Mission Serve Day—Where we packaged over 30,000 meals to help tackle hunger internationally, filled more than 1,000 bag lunches to assist the homeless in KC and made Valentines for Veterans.

As a family we have been looking for a new church to call home and my heart was tugging us towards Rez West--the United Methodist church that's only about 2 miles or so away from our home. We had only been attending for 2 weeks but it already felt so right. And it was so heartwarming to see so many families—of all ages working so hard. It most certainly was the most meaningful 2.5 hours we’ve spent together in a long time.

“The time is always RIGHT to do the RIGHT thing.” -Martin Luther King Jr

More LOVE. Less HATE.

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