Friday, December 20, 2019

More Festive Celebrations

December is just full of parties--we started with the Griffith's Holiday Party which is always a great time. We are surrounded by our friends who are more like family & delicious food. & these kids keep getting bigger and bigger, it seems like it was just yesterday we were trying to get them to sit still for a picture and here we are, they know exactly what to do to get it done and over with quickly.

& then before we knew it, it was time for holiday parties at school. Which meant ONE more class party as room mom. Thankfully, this one was just as easy as the Halloween party. The entire school did a sing-a-long which was followed by hot cocoa and cookies. Kaden had been waiting for this day because he was finally doing the black light!

and the party was so quick that I didn't even get a chance to grab a picture with Kaden!

& as soon as the school party ended we flew home, packed the car because we were headed to Papa Tom's and Grandma Sara's but FIRST, one more holiday party with friends. This time, we were building gingerbread houses and we all know, I love some good healthy competition. & I'm starting to think my youngest does too!

& these two just give me all the smiles. I love their budding friendship and their desire to hangout even though they no longer go to the same school.

& I may have thought it was more of a DRESS UP party than it was. I made the boys wear their sweatshirts and I brought out my Christmas dress--and we were one of only two families that went for it BUT we still had such a great time and so thankful for new friendships. 

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