Sunday, December 1, 2019

Kicking off the Christmas Season

Thanksgiving on Saturday and our first Christmas celebration on Sunday. We took a break from hosting our annual Halloween party and to be honest, I missed it so there was no taking a break from our annual holiday gathering with some of our friends. We've done cookies, gingerbread houses, made snow globes and painted plates over the past few years and although I still wanted to host, I didn't have a lot of time to bake cookies with the Thanksgiving holiday literally days before so we recycled an idea---Gingerbread Houses. 

But first, Nellie--she was sporting her festive look, of which lasted about a day before her and Gus were able to destroy it! She sure looked cute for those 36 hours though. 

The gang was all back together again. We've realized that as the kids have gotten older that not only do their schedules get busier BUT their circle of friends gets bigger and commitments are non-stop. We were so lucky to have found a Sunday where are sweet friends were available & could get together for a little cookie decorating for the kids and Chiefs game for the adults. Love these kiddos and their sweet parents too.

We decided to go with the pre-made kits that Target sells and on my way out I picked up some gingerbread cookie kits too. The boys and I pulled those together that morning only decorating a few and then leaving the others for the kiddos. I'm not going to lie, I kind of was digging the Mickey and Minnie kits---if only the cookies would have been baked already. Then again, they would not have been nearly as soft or as yummy.

I also found some super cute plates at Target for each of the kiddos to use and then take home to display their Gingerbread houses on. I tell you, Target has EVERYTHING and I WANT it all. Bring on the holiday season. 

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