Monday, December 16, 2019


Saturday 50 and sunny, Sunday a 20 and a blizzard. 

The only ones that were slightly annoyed by it, me and Gus. The boys, Justin included, and Nellie were all about the snow. They couldn't get enough of it. And this snow, it was the good snow! So good they were able to get an extra day off from school & got to go back and play in it again. We should note, that there was a BIG Chiefs game happening on this particular Sunday so Fun in the Snow, only happened before, at halftime and after. 

Monday was a never ending day of in and out, in and out. Snow pants on. Snow pants off. No snow pants or boots, just use Mom's Uggs. UGH. 

We did make the best darn Snow Ice Cream that I have ever had though. It was tasty.

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