Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Twenty Nineteen

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite holidays and in the past few years it's even become more special as we are almost always with our dear framily, the Garretts. Last year we visited them in LA but sadly, things just didn't work out for our families this year. So we did the next best and only thing to do---we celebrated with our families who we don't always get to celebrate with. 

The boys started the day out with a cookie decorating kit--one of our neighbors puts these amazing kits together and they were so easy and fun to do.  & then we made Grandma Dorothy's Chocolate Brownie dessert--it's the best! 

It was finally time for the rest of the family to arrive and honestly, we just kept it simple--just like we like it. But this time with a new furry family member.

 And then the boys took turns decorating the Thanksgiving Gingerbread Turkey that we have had for maybe three or four yeas. Oops. But hey, it still did the job! 

I found cute little thankful place mats at Target again this year and gobbled them up. I love that Kaden put going to school. School hasn't always been something he enjoys but he's really starting to find his groove. & the "bed stuff" well, I asked about that, he means his bed, covers and his house because not everyone is so fortunate. He's so right.

As for Logan, pets of course made the list. He's our animal lover but so did the boat. But not in a braggy way, he said he loves being at the lake and on the water with his family and before we got the boat we weren't able to do that as much. Right, he is.

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