Saturday, October 26, 2019

Pre-Halloween Fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as it kicks off the holiday season. & typically, we go BIG -- we throw a big Halloween party with all of our friends BUT this year, we decided we needed to take a year off. Or I decided. There seems to be more and more that gets added to our calendars and honestly, I end up stressing out more about the party than being able to enjoy it. So, maybe this year. 

We did keep one of our traditions, carving pumpkins with the Walshes and this year, the boys were able to almost ALL of the work themselves. It was so fun watching them complete the project from start to finish and they were super proud of their own work too. 

And instead of having a big party at our house, we attended a BIG party at the Lenexa Public Market. It was perfect. Filled with games and a dance party by the one and only SugEasy from Kaden and Logan's BreakFree KC days. 

Not only did we get to see lots of our friends but we also came home to a clean and tidy home!

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