Thursday, September 26, 2019

Canyon Creek Flavor Raiser

With a new school comes a whole lot of new! New building. New schedules. New teachers. New staff. New PTO. New playground. NEW. NEW. NEW. It's all new. 

& so is the money---since there really isn't any. Our school was fortunate enough that our old school provided us a good little jumping off point since almost 100% of our students moved from there and we had paid into their PTO for a number of years. But even with that, we had a lot to raise for our kids to be able to experience everything that school has to offer. So we got to work. 


The students broke into their CREWs and they got to work. The goal was to raise $21,500.00 -- it was a lofty goal but the boys and their friends were determined. The kicked off the campaign with Kona Ice and then for two weeks they worked, well the families worked, on raising funds. Funds that would help send our kiddos on field trips. Help bring special guests and speakers into the building. Help provide and show our teachers and staff with appreciation throughout the year.

When it was all said and done, they not only hit their goal---they smashed it and came in at $23,147. Okay, maybe they didn't smash it, but they hit it! & to celebrate the end of a successful campaign, the school held a Color Run. The kids collected bracelets for each lap they made and as they passed by stations they were doused with color powder (that tasted pretty yummy as I was told) and squirted with water to activate the color. 

After the run, they got to enjoy another Kona Ice and the sunshine.

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