Monday, August 12, 2019

Hello Canyon Creek Elementary

We had been talking about this week for over a year now. Last year at this time we were walking to our last sneak-a-peak at Cedar Creek because we knew our new elementary school down the road was opening up & the boys would be transitioning to it. There have been lots of emotions about this week-excitement, fear, anxiousness, sadness--but the moment we stepped through the front doors of their new school, all those worries were released. This was exactly where they needed to be and seeing all the wonderful features and characteristics of this school only got them more and more excited to step through those doors again on Wednesday to kick off the school year. 

We toured the school. Got to check out the music room, the gym, the art room, the IDEA lab and then the library/commons area. When you walk into this school there are two hallways off the main hallway, on leads to 4th and 5th, the other leads to k-3rd hallways. In the middle of those two main hallways is the HUGE resource area with the library, the media lab, & so many fun features to make the kids fall in love with reading. Both boys were immediately drawn to the reading nooks and I pray that this kicks off a new found love of reading for Kaden. 

We then ventured onto 3rd grade to drop off Logan's supplies and to meet his teacher, Mrs. Lynch. His classroom is just the cutest and so inviting. They have flexible seating (every classroom does) and have the ability to choose where they are sitting. They have a learning couch, learning stools that turn into floor desks, and my favorite feature---his room is connected by a sliding glass door to the other 3rd grade class which will allow them collaborate more. Logan was blessed with a slew of his friends for classmates---Caden, Evan, Henry, Kellan, Chase, Tatum. He's going to have a great year. 

We crossed back through the library commons and headed to the 4th grade wing. As soon as we walked in, Kaden's teacher, greeted him by name. He was a little taken aback as he had never met her but quickly realized that she had seen his picture. I was sold. Kaden made his way around the room checking out all the flexible seating options---this is going to be huge for him. He needs the ability to have a little freedom & this is going to be blessing and hopefully a game changer. He also noticed that his room was attached to Jax's room and even though they didn't get in the same class, he was super pumped he'd be able to see him throughout the day. We got to briefly chit-chat with his teacher, Mrs. Prestridge, and as much as I was worried about the transition to a new school, new administrators and new teachers for Kaden, I just know this is going to be a GREAT year for him. I can't wait to watch his LIGHT shine BRIGHT!

We wrapped the evening up with some Kona Ice with our biker buddies.

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