Wednesday, August 14, 2019

First Day at the new CCE

Today was the day--we officially had a 4th grader and a 3rd grader. Better yet, we had two boys who were pretty excited to get the school year rolling. That is after Logan got over the whole SOCK issue--let's just say, I wasn't allowing the socks he was wearing for the first day of school. Day two, have it, not day one---that's one of three days I call the wardrobe shots! 

At our last school they were known as the South boys, I hope that carries over. 

And first day pics wouldn't be complete without a picture with dad and with mom. They've changed so much since this time last year. 

& then we met up with our dear friends, the Clelands, and walked the couple of blocks from their house to the school. Bennett and Flynn were starting Kindergarten and everyone was so excited for them. Thankfully, we wouldn't have to wait too long to hear how the first day went because it was just a half day of school... 

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