Monday, May 27, 2019

The Pool is Open

Within minutes of pulling into our driveway the boys had their suits on and were ready to head to our neighborhood pool. While Justin went and gassed up and washed the car, I unpacked and then jumped into my suit as well. The water was just as cold as the lake was so I wasn't about to get it but the boys couldn't care less as off they went with their neighborhood friends. 

When we first moved into our house this pool wasn't quite complete and even after it was, it wasn't unusual to have the pool completely to yourself for hours at a time. Now, its packed--mostly in the best way possible as all you hear are the laughs and splashes of the dozen of kiddos enjoying summer to the fullest. As we left, both boys asked if we could come to the pool every night and even though we won't be able to make it happen every night due to baseball or other activities--we will do our best to be there as often as possible.

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