Thursday, May 23, 2019

Farewell CCE

This was an emotional week. Not only did it seem like this school year flew by but it was our last year at this particular school--Cedar Creek Elementary. You see, CCE is now the largest school in our district and they built a new elementary school just down the road from our house & the boys, along with 200+ other kiddos, will transition there. It's exciting and it's overwhelming so we are just trying to soak up every minute and every moment we can.

Since winter break the boys have been asking for me to take them to school and thankfully, my schedule can allow for that most days and the last few days of school were no exceptions. I think driving up to school those last few days was harder for me than it was for them--we've had so many wonderful educators and partners when it comes to the boys and their academic and social schooling. To say we've been blessed would be an understatement--we have certainly had our struggles here and there but we've learned so much from those struggles-- we know so much more about how and when we advocate for the boys & who we need to be working with. So thankful for so many at CCE.

But here we were, the final day of school. Kaden Oliver was saying peace-out to third grade--THIRD GRADE. All in all--it was a pretty great year for him. We aren't the kind of parents that put high expectations on test scores and grades, we ask that he does his best, that he's kind to everyone and we work with his teachers to ensure those expectations are met. He tends to get frustrated when it comes to his performance since it's not PERFECT (his expectations) so this year we really worked on focusing on effort and doing his best. We struggled at times BUT we will get there, no doubt. Now, don't get me wrong, he had good if not great grades and we are super proud of that but we are equally if not more proud of how he continues to show up each day and just wants to help. He has the biggest heart and we were so blessed with how his teacher allowed that to shine this year.

And then there is Logan, Logan Beckett. He flew through 2nd grade with flying colors. He loves school and loves learning. Again, we aren't those types of parents who expect perfect test scores and homework assignments, we ask that he does his best and well, his best is near perfect. He is the first to offer help to a classmate in need and he's quick to recognize if someone is feeling lonely or a little off & will ensure that there day gets turned around. He always has a GIANT smile on his face and out of both boys, is the one that is a littler more weary about leaving CCE behind and heading to the new school because of all the friends he will leave behind. He's a softie like his momma and has just as big of a heart as his brother does.

The South boys sure make us proud.

And since our time at CCE came to an end, so does our bus rides---well, at least until middle school. So, of course, I had to be there as they got off for the last time with Ms. Bonnie. Oh how we love our Ms. Bonnie -- I'm pretty sure the South boys were her favorite too. :0)

So there we have it, both boys grew in more ways than one---and both boys are on to bigger and better things in 4th and 3rd grade. See you in August, Canyon Creek Elementary.

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