Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Aces MNO

When you spend as much time playing baseball as we do, you wanna really get to know and love the families that are there with you. I can honestly say that we are beyond lucky to have found such a wonderful and supportive baseball family. Families that are GREAT people, have GREAT kids and just want is truly best for their own kiddos as well as everyone else's kiddos. Families that cheer louder for your son than you do at times because they know he gets embarrassed when it's his own mom. Parents who offer support and encouragement when your son easily gets frustrated and who are quick to pick up whomever is needing it. We have found, no, we have created the most amazing village when it comes to our baseball family. We genuinely enjoy hanging out with one another outside of baseball--case in point, Aces MNO. A little crafting session with some of my favs. Baseball themed, of course, no need to go too crazy! 

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