Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Off to the Symphony

Last year Logan's first grade field trip was canceled due to the weather. It was an abnormally cold October day and the district determined that it was not safe for the kids to attend the zoo. We were all bummed. So when they sent out information regarding the 2nd grade field trip and mentioned they needed volunteers but could only take 2 per class, I put my name in running. The field trip gods must have been watching over because my name actually got drawn & when I told Logan, he JUMPED up and put his arms and legs around me in excitement. This kid was stoked. As was I. 

So off the symphony we went. Bow tie and all. 

It has been a number of years since I had been on a school bus and as loud as it was, not to mention bumpy, it was totally worth it to be sitting next to my little man. That smile was plastered across his face for the entire day which only told me that I was right where I was suppose to be.

We got to take in the 11:30 performance by the KC Symphony and somehow Logan and I ended up with some of the best seats in the house. He loved listening to the music and then they performed a musical play called Peter and the Wolf. Each instrument represented a different character and the narrator of the story had a different movement for each character too & asked that the kids join along in the story. Logan was flapping his wings like the bird, pouncing like the kitty & waddling like the duck. His smile only grew bigger as more and more animals were introduced. Our time there was special but the adventure wasn't over yet.

We loaded up the buses and we headed over to Crown Center where we ate lunch and then got to explore in our little groups. As we explored we made sure to capture moments with our favorite friends as we ran into them. I mean, is there anything cuter than little 2nd graders dressed to the nines---I don't think so! 

We finally arrived back at school, we gathered Logan's stuff, stopped by to get Kaden and we broke out of there a little early. It's always a special treat to spend a little extra time with the boys during their school activities and I'm so lucky that I not only was chosen but have the flexibility to to say yes too. These are the moments that are important, these are the moments they will remember & I want them to know that I was there. I was there for everything I could be.

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