Thursday, February 14, 2019

LOVE day 2019

Valentine's Day brings another school party and special time with our little loves. I'm not the biggest fan of celebrating Valentine's Day but we at least acknowledge it at home. But first, school parties...

Since I am the room mom for Kaden's class I haven't been able to participate as much in Logan's classroom parties and that was especially true for this one because we ran out of volunteers and I was in charge of the activities and games. UGH. So we made slime. The boys had a great time perfecting our recipe in the days leading up and you know what, I think we did a pretty good job. Sixteen third graders went home with some pretty epic slime that day. 

Logan, well, he came home with a bag full of fun too. Each time I stepped into his classroom he was busy doing something and would come hug me and run right back over to what he was doing. I think my mom guilt was weighing more on me than it was him. Plus, Grammy was there too & that always makes things better.

For dinner Justin made us something special and then the kids had heart-shaped pancakes with BOTTLED Coke and Root Beer. I mean, what kid wouldn't be happy with that! 

And as the evening was winding down and I was checking my FaceBook feeds I was kind of bummed not to see any HUGE announcements from friends. I mean, it is Valentine's Day but I guess I am just getting to the age where friends just aren't getting married...

& then, my phone buzzed. We got a text from Janet and it said. 

"Craig asked and I said YES!" followed by about 5 pictures of the whole thing. I was completely shocked. Justin was shocked. Adam and Becky were shocked. Not because we didn't want this, quite the opposite actually. But, because we just thought the Craigster and Grammy were happy with how things were and not really worried about when that next step came. However, we couldn't be more excited for the Craigster and Grammy Janet. Craig has been in our lives for over three years and we love him dearly and he loves Janet dearly. Although it's "official", he's been part of our family for some time now. We just love him and are so incredibly happy that they both have found this kind of love again. They both deserve it and so much more.

So, maybe it wasn't any of my "friends" that had the huge announcement but this was an even better surprise & we can't wait to celebrate with them. Hawaii anyone!?

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