Saturday, February 23, 2019

Bobcats and Basketball

I love coaching basketball and Kaden's team but there's something about sitting in the stands and watching Logan and his buddies play. It just brings me great JOY!

Thankfully, Logan was blessed with an AWESOME coach and this momma just sat back and watched as he and his team grew leaps and bounds over the season. They went from running one offense to running two offenses and multiple inbounds plays. They learned to look ahead to see if any of their teammates are on a breakaway. They learned to share the ball. They learned to take it to the hole when it was open. They learned so freaking much and I was so stinking proud. 

The team celebrated at the end of the season with a little pizza party at Pizza West & Coach Sarah handed out awards to each of the players. Logan got the Play Maker Award -- she said that she could always count on Logan. Logan not only knew every play and where he was to be but he also knew where everyone else needed to be and was headed. That is a true point guard in the making and talk about a beaming mom---it was ridiculous! Now, we just gotta get use to using that left hand a little more so we can go both ways and become even more of a dribbling threat. 

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