Thursday, January 31, 2019

Weather the Weather

Third grade musical was finally here. 

We had been gearing up for this night for over two months--not with Kaden practicing his LINE or the songs but Momma and her friends were in charge of the decorations. I've gotten better at saying NO but when it comes to school--I almost always say YES. So when the music teacher reached out and asked if I could help her out, I agreed and I pulled a few friends into the mix too. We were given a picture of another school who had done this play before and the rest was up to us. We brainstormed and then one night we just went to town & I won't lie, we whipped up some pretty damn good signage. Which also led to us getting FRONT and SECOND row seats at the musical and if you knew our school---you would know why that was such a HUGE thing. I mean, people line up outside in freezing weather 30 minutes before the doors open at their shot at getting good seats---this was a way better way of ensuring we got the best seats in the house!

It was show time and Kaden was ready. He honestly, was so excited for this and I loved seeing him enjoy himself up on stage in front of everyone, smiling from ear to ear. 

Our music teacher did it again. We are so blessed with such an amazing music teacher and she was one of the reasons we are so sad to be moving schools but we also learned that evening that she's going with us!!! So this won't be your last Mrs. Richard's performance, we've got three more still!

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