Monday, January 7, 2019

Two Steps Forward

Two steps forward, one step back. That’s been our motto for the the last few years as we’ve navigated this ADHD journey and today we took TWO STEPS FORWARD! Not only did he gain 4 pounds (this news made me tear up) BUT we also GRADUATED from the Children’s Mercy Clinic and will be heading back to our primary care pediatrician. I’ve got mixed emotions as we’ve been so lucky to partner with the doctors at Children’s Mercy ADHD Clinic and it’s a little scary to know our time has come BUT we’ve done so much work over the last few years that it’s nice to see it’s paying off. To all my family and friends who have continued to be there for us and for having nothing but compassion and understanding for us as a family and for Kaden, thank you! Everyone needs a village like you. This journey is far from over but today was a win and we will celebrate it!! 

To those who may be on a similar journey—know your enough. Know that the journey is long and hard but days like today are ahead and make it all worth it! 

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