Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snow Much Fun

The forecast called for snow and for once, it was right and it just kept coming. We went to sleep Friday night with hardly any snow on the ground and then we woke up to a winter wonderland.

Gorgeous was an understatement.

And of course the boys were dying to get outside -- they just wanted to run and play until their toes fell off and they did. Their dad surprised them by getting the golf cart out and taking them sledding. They were in snow heaven.

Of course all of our activities were canceled for the day except the big Chiefs game so after we played in the snow we loaded up and ran to Kansas Sampler to get some new gear for the game. We were ready--we were ready to roll. 

And then Cousin Colton showed up, they not only watched the game with us but Cousin Colton got to stay the night too. And as soon as they were up and around the next morning they were back outside. It was the perfect snowfall -- for all. It kept us home and with each other and we made the most out of it. & seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter was everything that weekend.

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