Monday, December 31, 2018

NYE 2019

We've kind of changed up our New Year plans over the last couple of years and not because we don't love who we were spending it with --- actually quite the opposite. It has to do more with logistics and wanting to stay close to home. Gone our the days were either of us like to wake up the next morning feeling like poo and here are the days where we wake up and spend another day as a family together before heading back to reality. So when our dear friends planned to do a repeat of their party from the year before -- we were in. It's a block down the street in our neighborhood and if we didn't make it to midnight, there would be zero hard feelings plus we could be home to let the dogs out one last time & sleep in our own beds.

And it was all about being comfy. Win. Win.

We arrived a little after 7 -- we decided to start a little later and have the kids already fed so they could go straight into painting and playing. Another great decision by the Shafers. And I loved that they have continued with the painting theme---basically, we each paint our favorite memory from the year. Logan painted Max, his new lizard he got from Santa. Kaden painted Russell, his new fish -- pretty sure that was just top of mind, I painted our trip to watch the Chiefs play the Rams for Justin's favorite memory (I guessed right) and then for me it was watching the boys play baseball together this last season. It was there last together and it was so special. 

The boys had their annual game of poker which meant two days later we were ordering our own chips so that we could play at home too. 

The parents played their annual game of What the MEME. And we laughed and laughed and laughed. Until Travis and Jenn were winning EVERY SINGLE ROUND.  

& before we knew it, midnight was here. We gathered the boys, we all got our noise makers and our poppers and we counted it down. 

& then we all gathered around the pot for our New Years Resolutions. We wrote three. 1 to share. 1 to burn. 1 to tuck away. 

The shared ones for the Souths were:
Justin - To spend more time with the Palangies and the Shafers
Kayla - To read more. For myself and the boys. 
Kaden - To not be as mean.
Logan - To become a better football player. 

& then we shared hugs all around and said our goodbyes. It was the perfect end to 2018 and the perfect start to 2019. It's going to be a GREAT year.  

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