Friday, December 28, 2018

Let's Go To the Movies x5

I love going to the movies and thankfully the boys do too. So, winter break we decided to fit as many movies as we could in. We kicked off winter break with Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse with our buddy Jax. Super cute movie, one of my favorite Spiderman movies actually. 

The following day we headed out to see Mary Poppins with some of our favorite people. Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorite movies so the fact that it was being remade and Emily Blunt was going to star in it, made it at the top of my must see movies in 2018. It is also at the top of the BEST movies I've seen in 2018 and maybe in the last few years. It was that good.

The day after Christmas was over I went and saw two movies back to back with my good friend--Instant Family and The Green Book. Both great movies but Instant Family was another winner, you'll laugh, you'll cry and it will make you think. Like really think. 

After we said good-bye to Grandma Sara and Madison we went and saw The Grinch -- the boys enjoyed it, to me it was the story line just with better graphics. Cindy Lou Who was pretty darn cute. I ended up falling asleep a couple times--it was a tough one.

& then the boys got to see Bumblebee with Grammy & they said it was AWESOME--won't lie, I kind of wanted to see that too but they said they would watch it again when it comes out On Demand.

Kids - 4, Mom-5

It was a good winter break.

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