Monday, November 26, 2018

Snow Day

We weren't home from LA for 48 hours and the snow came falling down. The Sunday following Thanksgiving there was a BLIZZARD warning and although we didn't get multiple feet of snow, due to the wind, there were places that were pretty darn deep. & it was FREEZING. The boys begged to go out and we held out as long as we could and finally when it stopped actually snowing and blowing, we said yes. They lasted longer than I expected too. 

& right before they were headed off to bed they learned that they were headed off to bed they learned that school had been canceled, extending their little vacation another day. They were stoked.

Monday morning arrived and they once again were begging to go out. Finally after lunch when the sun was out I said yes and they took off to the back yard to play with Gus. Gus isn't much of a snow lover like our Brodi was but he played for a little bit before asking to be let back in by the fire.

They came back in, warmed up and headed right back out. When I looked out to check on them, Kaden was across the street helping our neighbor clear her driveway. I love his heart. They had a long ways to go so I decided to take my lunch break and help out.

Once they were back inside it was back to the puzzles. We went through 4 that weekend. Puzzles are something that make the boys and I happy--we love being able to sit down, in our pjs and work on them together. We've probably got 15 that we circle through, we've lost a few too many pieces to good ole' Gus but they still work!

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