Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy {Half} Birthday Logan Beckett

For months he had been counting down the days until his half birthday but then on the day of, he didn't even say a word about it--must have forgot. And although, I didn't forget about celebrating his half birthday on the 6th---the day just didn't allow for it to happen. We went from school straight to basketball practice and then straight to the American Royal. By the time we got home he was exhausted so I didn't say anything and decided we would celebrate a day later.

I was under the weather but still had a few work meetings that I had to make but after those were over I picked up some Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cake & had them ready to go for him when he got home from school. We had to get a little creative when it came to the candles but we made it work.

Happy {Half} Birthday, Mr. Logan Beckett. You make my heart swell with pride.

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