Thursday, October 11, 2018

Flu Shots & Hot chocolate


I mean, I remember this time last year and how Logan was completely beside himself when it came time for his flu shot. Like, hold him down, wrap my arms around him and yell "just do it, like now" to the nurse - beside himself. It took a little time for him to calm down but we walked out of there with our heads held high and sucker in tow. We headed straight for Sonic where they both got slushies. As we sat there waiting, he asked when he had to do that again and I explained not for another year. 

Fast forward 11 months, it's September 5th & he asks, "when is my flu shot." His eyes were already filled with tears as he was anticipating my answer. "Next month, honey." & the waterworks ensued. He did NOT want to get another flu shot. He did NOT want to think about it. He did NOT want it to hurt. He did NOT. DID NOT. DID NOT. 

I tried to explain to him that the flu shot is what we call preventative care and would hopefully keep us from getting super sick and having to get lots of shots. He wasn't having it. I tried to explain how we needed to be brave because there are boys and girls out there who have to get shots daily, if not multiple times a day that are really sick. We should be brave for them. He wasn't having that either & that evening he cried himself to sleep as I laid there next to him. My heart breaking that I couldn't take the fear away for him. Or the "pain" of the shot.

& then, like 2 weeks ago he declared that he wasn't worried any longer. That a girl at school said she got one and it didn't hurt at all. Now, Justin and I said the same thing and that did nothing but coming from a girl at school, well, that made all the difference. He said it would feel like a pinch. So we went with it.

Leading up to the big day he would talk about it. How he wasn't worried and it would be over before he knew it. He heard "Believer" by Imagine Dragons and suggested that we listen to that song as the shot is happening. I commented on what a great idea that was and that he was more than welcome to take his iPad and listen to music in the office. 

The morning of, he was ready. He was ready to get it over with. We arrived at the doctor's office, got checked in and then he took his seat. He was more curious than nervous & talking up a storm.

As we got back to the room I reminded them both that Kaden would be getting his well check first and then we would do the flu shots. I also suggested to the nurse that since they were both getting their shots done that maybe she could grab a friend and they could be done at the same time. I just never know which one will freak out and which one will be okay. We settled in for the wait. 

Then there was a knock. The doctor was still with another patient and they wanted to know if I was okay with getting the flu shot out of the way. BRING IT ON! This wasn't what the boys were expecting but they both got up on the table, rolled up their sleeves and before I could even get Logan situated, Kaden was done. Band-aid on. WOW, that was quick. Gave him a high five & then looked over at Logan and he was done and immediately proclaiming that the pinch he gave himself hurt worse than the shot did. He was so stinking proud of himself. As was I.

Hot Chocolates ALL AROUND!

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