Sunday, August 12, 2018

LOTO Season's Final Hurrah

We knew we had to get one last lake weekend in before summer came to a close so we headed down the weekend right before school was back in session. The boys are the perfect ages for lake weekends--they can chill in the cabin by themselves or they can join us at the dock. They can fish or they can nap. It also makes for a great age to start making memories with friends so we invited some of our favorites to the cabin--the Kufeldts and the Clelands sans tiny raptors plus Emily and Tyler.

The majority of us arrived around sunset on Friday evening and we got the house and beds organized before sending the kids off to bed. Although up late we all knew it would be an early morning for the kiddos---they gave us till 7. 

And then it was pedal to the medal for the rest of the day. They laughed. They wrestled. They chased after Emily and Tyler. They didn't stop moving or eating until it was lights out for the cabin.

Come Sunday morning the kids were exhausted & the majority of us were needing to get home so the kiddos played for a little while and the moms got the cabin cleaned and the cars packed. Before we jumped in the cars we grabbed a few pictures from the dock---I mean, it is what I do.

We may have had 13 people staying in a 2 bedroom, one bath cabin (sleeps way more than you think) but never once did it feel like it was too much. We were all able to relax and just enjoy one another's company. Us moms, we didn't hear "mom, get in with me" once time. The dad's didn't hear "fish with me" one time either. Although Emily and Tyler didn't go with us to babysit, the kids just gravitated towards them & them towards the kids. By far was one of the best weekends we've ever had at the lake. It's impossible to put a price tag on friendships like these. 

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