Friday, July 20, 2018

KidzBop 2018 -- Mother & Son Date Night

A few months back I saw a friend show interest in the KidzBop Live event that was coming to KC & so I clicked interested too not knowing if it was really something I wanted to venture out and do. However, the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea---the boys love singing along to KidsBop, it was on a Friday night so the boys could be up a little later, it was week 6 into Kaden's summer treatment program and this could act as a little reward for all his hard work and dedication and Logan would get a little reward for sticking out the summer all on his own. And although I was much closer to pulling the trigger, I didn't want to do it alone, I needed a partner in crime. I reached out to Jen & asked if her and Nathan would like to join us---Nathan is a dancing fool, he learned it from his dad. She was surprisingly in, so I bought tickets & we created a mother and son date night. 

We started off our evening with a little dinner -- at Chipotle. 

& then we made our way to the venue, Starlight. I wasn't sure what to expect, after all, it's KC and parents are freaking nuts when it comes to their kids so I was worried we would have to fight a large crowd and long lines--I couldn't have been further from the truth. We were so stinking early. No lines to get in. No lines for the snow-cones. No lines for concessions. No lines for the bathroom. 

We went ahead and found our seats anyways and sang along to the music they had playing prior to the show and then it happened...

Dummm. Dummm.Dummm. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?!

The music started the boys were singing...

The KidzBop kids were singing all their favorites--Believer, Thunder, My House, That's What I Like, Middle, Shake It Off...and so many more. They began with one set on stage and then halfway through took an intermission where we met up with some of our other friends. 

We picked up a few souvenirs and then back to the music it went. They played for about another 45 minutes before they walked off stage only to come back for an encore and to shoot thousands of pieces of confetti into the sky--which the boys all went nuts for. 

And I love how Jen summed up their outing...

KidzBop Ticket = $38.00
Pretzel = $6.00
Hot Dog = $7.00
Popcorn = $4.00
Cheese Tray = $8.00
Kona Ice = $7.00

Highlight of the evening, at least for Nathan, catching the ticker tape from the exploding cannons AFTER the show.

And yes, that says cheese tray and no that is not a mistake. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but I honestly, enjoyed myself, like a LOT. I love singing along to popular songs--listening to karaoke or dueling piano bars are such fun and this was a LOT like that. I was totally that mom in the audience singing along--although the lyrics I sang, weren't the g-rated ones. 

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