Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America! 

This year, you turned a year older in the middle of the week--which isn't cool but we made the most out of it. We started off your birthday just like we have the past few years with a visit to our neighborhood pool. The last couple of years it has been beyond quiet BUT not this year, it was packed. We invited Grammy, Uncle Adam and Aunt Becky and Cousin Colton out & we ordered pizza to the pool so we could enjoy the water a little longer--you were a hot one this year.

Grammy continued with her 4th of July t-shirt tradition for the boys and made them all throw on their shirts before we left the pool. Kaden and Logan loved that the flag was also a peace sign.

Once we got home we all quickly got changed, sang Happy Birthday to you, America & then loaded up our things so we could head out early to the Walshes for their 4th of July party. It's one of our favorite yearly holiday celebrations--fireworks, food, friends, drinks.

Logan is our little firecracker LOVER and had his eyes on this bad boy BUT dad had other plans that included smoke bombs & tanks--maybe next year buddy.

Jake and Jennifer go all out for the 4th--they live in Lee's Summit so fireworks are allowed & Jake is one of the biggest kids I know, especially when it comes to fire and things blowing up. However, they take safety very seriously---which I love---and not only purchased but required every kiddo who was lighting off fireworks to wear a pair. They also provided them with some festive bandannas. 

It wasn't long and the rest of the party goers started to arrive---aren't they not just the cutest.

One of the kiddos' favorite things to do is chase after the parachutes. Jake and I easily set off 100+ parachutes and they ran after each and every one of them.

She was a little bit easier to get a picture with last year, this year shes a LOT more mobile.

The old F150 is still going. A few years back we gave this little guy to Nathan and Nathan is still rocking it---needs a new battery but that wasn't stopping him or any of the other kids. However, I'd say, Kaden has officially outgrown the sucker.

When the sun finally sat the real show began. I wasn't sure if Jake would be able to outdo his show last year but I should have never doubted him. He put on a wonderful display of fireworks which filled the nighttime sky with lots of sparkle and color. The kids sat in amazement. The parents sat in amazement -- it was the perfect way to end a wonderful evening with some of our dearest friends.

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