Friday, June 22, 2018

The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

For the past of the couple of years Justin and his buddies, the Pitt Smokers, have competed in The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle and this year was no exception. I won't lie, I like it when the compete in smaller scale events so that they have a better chance of winning but this competition, but this is the exception. The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle is a party. A great big party on Friday night filled with kids activities, live music and, of course, delicious food. 

So the boys and I headed up on Friday night to show Justin our support. Thankfully we had Grammy with us too and she came with a parking pass that got us FRONT row parking and for this event, that may be better than GOLD. It wasn't just the boys, Grammy and I that came out either, the whole South clan was there. Plus, CG and Jay's families & some wonderful friends too.

We weren't able to stay too long because we had a busy Saturday ahead of us but it was fun not only seeing everyone but the weather was gorgeous as it was somewhat cool enough for me to need a jacket as the sun started to set. Last year, not so much.

So, how did Pitt Smokers do? Pretty good actually. They didn't have any top 10 finishes BUT Justin's brisket finished 27th and overall they finished 35th--and they would have been happy to finish in the top half so this was icing on the cake.

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