Saturday, June 23, 2018


Another Newman wedding. 

This time the youngest Newman son was getting married, Zach. Zach is Justin's 2nd cousin, he's first cousins with Zach's dad Mark but we are closer in age with their boys. Chad and Morgan got married last August -- Logie was the ring bearer -- and then Corey and Jordan got married last September. 

Zach and Bethany were getting married in Warrensburg, MO -- about an hour or so drive from our house--the only catch, I was riding solo with my boys. Justin was in the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle & sadly would not be able to attend the wedding but the boys and I could, so we did. I think they secretly loved being my dates for the wedding--I mean, how handsome are they?! & they both picked out their outfits, from head to toe. Kaden even picked out my shoes.

The wedding was gorgeous but we all know the reception is where all the fun is had. And this wedding reception site was just perfect for the boys -- they love to dance, they love playing games, LOVE photo booths, and they love the Newman boys--all three of them. 

And when I say they love to dance, I mean, can't-drag-them-off-the-dance-floor-loves-to-dance. Kaden and Grammy danced to Cupid's Shuffle. Kaden danced the Mother/Son dance with me after first giving me the Heisman and me forcing Logan to the dance floor with me but before the song was over, Kaden was asking to step in & he danced with me not only for the remainder of that song, but the next one too. By far the highlight of my evening. 

Logan tried to cut in on Craig but instead they just welcomed him to the party.

And then their song played, 24k Magic by Bruno Mars -- they had been waiting all evening, well, Logan had. Kaden wasn't so certain he'd dance to it but when the time came, he was ALL IN. 

And though they only danced for the first 2:30 seconds of the song, after I stopped recording they just kept going and so did the screams! It was the perfect way to end our time at the wedding-we said our goodbyes to the family & to the bride and groom -- who seem like they couldn't be more perfect for one another--and headed back home. Not always fun going to a family wedding without your husband--especially one you marry into BUT this family--well, there's never a dull moment and they've always made me feel like family from day one and now they'll do the same for Bethany.

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