Friday, June 1, 2018

3.7 Inches

Logan had his 7 year well visit and turns out, he's as healthy as a horse.

My mom was in town and had relieved the babysitter from her duties for the week and then met me at his pediatrician's office. I figured he would just come in the clothes that he had one that morning but NOPE, he was already dressed in his baseball uniform. Game wasn't for another three hours but that wasn't stopping him -- even though it took twice as long to undress for his appointment.

I wasn't really expecting much for this visit, I mean, there were no shots, he's in good health -- or at least seems as though he is -- & he's a pretty self-sufficient kiddo that is typically doing what he should be doing. So I wasn't expecting much excitement.

They weighed him. 46.6 pounds--that looked good. 
The measured his height. 3'11.7' inches--that looked good.
They took his blood pressure. 98/66 -- also good.
With a BMI of 20% which is perfectly normal.

Our doctor walked in and of course commented on his sharp looking uniform and ask him a few questions about baseball and then about his chores at home. He proceeded to say he didn't really have any but would like some -- this is untrue. He has chores, he just doesn't realize it.

She asked about whether he could ride a bike and if so, does he wear a helmet every time. Does he know where to go in case of a fire. Does he drink milk. Does he eat lots of varieties of food. So on & so forth.

Then she proclaimed that Logan had grown 3.7 inches over the last year. Say WHAT?!?! No way. But yup, sure enough Lil South jumped from 25% in height to 50% in height. She mentioned that average was from 2-3 inches each year, with three being a big jump so this was a REALLY BIG JUMP.

He was pretty pumped but still felt they could have given him that extra centimeter so he could join the Four Foot Club. Honestly, I think he's right.

Here's to hoping the growing continues and he gets more use out of his brother's hand-me-downs. 

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