Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Team 24k Magic - CCE 2018 Talent Show

Ever since last year's talent show at school came to a close, Logan has not stopped talking about what he would do for the next one. He was determined to think of something as he was not sitting out this time. The conversations were going on constantly almost to the point where we were like--"hold up Logan, it's like 9 months away!" 

Now, I should say, I have a love hate relationship with talent shows. Not only will these kiddos be judged by their peers but they would also be judged by teachers and by parents and honestly, there are so many people who can just be complete a-holes and I didn't want that for my kids. On the flip side, you can't squash their desire, their want, their creativity. So the reward outweighed the risk. For sure. 

He and Kaden talked about telling jokes together. They talked about dribbling basketballs. They had settled on telling jokes UNTIL our last cruise. While aboard we watched a performance where the performers came out and danced with light up shoes -- Logan's eyes lit up instantly. As we walked out of the theater he knew what he wanted to do -- he wanted to dance with his friends with light up shoes on. Turn off all the lights and dance. Again, I didn't want to squash his idea or his courage so I went with it. I emailed a few moms & asked their thoughts--they were all in. 

Logan not only picked out the idea, he picked out the song too.

24k Magic by Bruno Mars

The problem, the lyrics weren't appropriate. Thankfully, Kids Bop had a version that was totally usable. Plus, Just Dance for the Nintendo Switch had all the dance moves. We submitted our talent show paperwork, ordered the light up shoes--which you can find on Amazon for like $15--no kidding & I managed to pick up a few light up gloves for everyone to add a little extra flair. It was game time.

The boys practiced on their own a few times--I may or may not danced along with them, someone needed to count and help them learn it. We started with the first couple of 8 counts and then we added on from there. It didn't take long for them to get it down the only problem, we hadn't really had a group practice. UNTIL, the day before. We put them in formation and ran through it twice. It was so cute. I wish I had video from the "dress rehearsal" because their facial expressions were probably the best part of it. Logan's face beamed the entire time he was dancing. & on the day of the performance they had three performance to get through. One for the 4th graders, one for the 2nd graders and the last for the 1st graders and let me tell you, Logan (as did everyone else) beamed for the ENTIRE day. So, without further ado...

Team 24k Magic

Made up of 5 first graders and their siblings.
Before their first performance.

And after.
I could not be more proud of these kids. I mean, talk about the amount of courage and bravery needed to get up on a stage and perform, not just once, but three times, in front of your friends, peers, teachers and parents AND they KILLED it. I may or may not have cried tears--I was so overwhelmed with pride and excitement for these kiddos. They may not make it into the finals as there was some stiff competition at the 4th grade level BUT they won top spot in my heart & should be so proud of what they accomplished. Job well done Team 24k Magic.

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