Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Every single day is Mother's Day. 

No seriously, I mean, it is the one word that I hear the most day in and day out.

"Mom, can you get me my underwear and clothes?"

"Mom, can you get me something to drink?"

"Mom, can we go outside and play?"

Mom. Mom. Mom.

I love being a mom, don't get me wrong. It is the hardest yet the most rewarding role that I fill. I've been blessed with the best kids too -- I'm sure every mom says that -- but I have. Kaden and Logan make my world go round. I may have a few more grey hairs these days than before they came along but that's a small price to pay for the amount of joy and love they give.With that being said, Mother's Day is the one day that I don't want to hear "Mom" all day long, I want a few hours where I am someone else than "Mom"---I MOM HARD ALL DAY, I DESERVE ONE DAY or a few hours.

So, for Mother's Day, I plan my day and for the past few years it has consisted of a double feature at the movies with one of my best friends. This year was no different BUT I had somewhere to be first for brunch, so for the morning, I "Mom'd". 

Janet and Craig made brunch reservations for all of us at GasLight Grill, that was Craig's three daughters and their families and then the whole South clan too. It was a wonderful start to the day but when 10:35 rolled around, I was out--I had an 11:00 date with popcorn.


Movies this year weren't as easy to choose as previous years, there just weren't a lot out that were getting good reviews. Two that were, Blockers and Tully and we found a way to make them both work. Typically we like to enjoy one movie that makes us laugh & another that makes our hearts swell or requires us to think about life a little deeper. I promised Jennifer that I would meet her at the theater at 11:00 and that I would be there before the movie started and I walked in to a completely empty theater as the previews started. Since it was empty, we were able to chat for a little bit before settling in for the movie. 

Blockers--hilarious. It certainly footed the bill for laughter.

We had a few minutes in between movies so we grabbed a quick drink.

And then we settled in for Tully. Now, Tully, great, GREAT acting. Was kind of left with lots of questions, like--what's going on and then to be followed by, did that just happen. Great movie, one that really shines a spotlight on a much needed topic, just not 100% where I thought they were going.

After the movies ended we headed back to our families. When I got home the boys were quietly playing but immediately asked to go outside. Justin had made dinner per my request & as soon as we ate, we headed outside to play a little kickball in the driveway. At bedtime I spent a few minutes with each of the boys thanking them for my Mother's Day gift -- a record player -- and telling them what I love most about them and how happy I was to be their mommy. 

& it wasn't over, the next day I capped off the Mother's Day celebration with a Mother's Day Read In with my favorite 1st grader. I love this tradition that our school has, I got to spend my lunch with him on a picnic blanket reading Captain Underpants. No where else I would have rather been.

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