Sunday, May 6, 2018


He was only hours away from being seven so I asked for one last picture of my SIX year old as we made our way back to the hotel from the Diamondback's game.

And then I stole one of him sleeping--he'd never be this little again. & sleeping pictures are a fave of mine. They're peaceful. They're full of innocence, love and wonder. 

I tried willing this birthday not to happen--for time to stand still...

But against my wishes, he woke up a SEVEN year old. I mean, that just doesn't even seem possible to write, I can still here is little baby voice using me instead of I---Me Love You. Sadly, those days are long gone but the days of many vs. much have arrived.

He was immediately ready for room service the moment he woke up & once our order was placed, he was begging to open his presents which we brought with us from KC. 

The first gift he pulled out of the birthday sack was his first jersey but not just any jersey, a LeBron James NBA All-Star jersey. I love watching him open gifts, his facial expression says everything you need to know. He was a happy, happy kiddo.

Next up was an Alexa Echo Dot. He LOVES talking to Alexa and we figured this would be perfect for his room since he always likes to ask her what the weather is going to be like before getting dressed and currently, our only one is in the kitchen. Saves this kid easily 5 minutes which equals 5 more minutes of sleep before having to get up.

We hiked. We were lazy by the pool. We ate In-N-Out. We tossed the football around.

It was a pretty perfect day for a pretty, perfectly AMAZING birthday boy. Logan can light up any room with his smile. And don't even get me started on his laugh, hearing him laugh instantly brings a smile to my face which is almost always followed by a few laughs myself. Logan has the kindest heart. He is the first to make sure anyone else is okay if they are hurt. He is the first to come and give me a hug when I'm having a challenging moment. He tries his hardest at most everything he does and always seems up for a new adventure. He still loves carrots more than cake and he'll never say no to a new stuffed animal. He has found a new passion for reading & can often be found reading to Stoli in his room, well, their room. And unless he is hurt or in trouble, a smile is firmly planted on his face.

He's the cherry on the top when it comes to our family. 

Love you to the moon and back Logie.

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