Sunday, April 8, 2018

One Moment. Each Day

"Dear Momma, don't enjoy every moment, enjoy one." 
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A girlfriend of mine shared this article with a group of moms last week at work. It's just not any group of moms, this is "my" group of moms. I've been working with these ladies for more than a decade and we all became first time, and second time, moms together. They're my initial sounding board on all things kids -- the good, the bad, the ugly. They are as much a part of my village as anyone else. And the support they provide, I can't even begin to put it into words. Without them, I'd be beyond lost. So when one of them sends an article, you read it. And usually, it's just what you needed to read at that very moment in time. 

& thus, I included it here, so that I could find it and reread often. I can easily get caught up in trying to ensure everything goes perfectly, no matter the occasion--big or small--& it hardly ever lives up to my expectations. I wind up disappointed for no reason at all because in reality, whatever it was, had moments of perfection & those moments are what I need to focus on. This season of our life is busy and chaotic, constantly caught up in a whirlwind. So this is my reminder to find one moment. One moment a day to cherish and drink it all in. Bottle it up and save it in my heart forever.

So this past weekend, I tried just that. I tried to lose myself in the moments that were happening. If my phone was around and it wasn't a distraction, I tried capturing it. The pictures are mostly an afterthought but let's be honest, I love capturing our life and these moments may just be some of the most important ones that I will ever capture.

One. Moment.

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