Tuesday, April 3, 2018

15 Seconds of Stardom

Justin and I have been HUGE Royals fans since we were little. We knew once we had kids that it would pretty much be forced upon them to love the Royals too. They do--on their own account too. We've taken them to countless games and have even traveled to a few different ballparks to catch them playing on road trips. The boys went to game 6 of the ALCS the year we won it all -- and took part in the Ticker Tape Parade downtown with 800k of our closest friends. 

Knowing how much we love the Royals, makes this sweet surprise even sweeter. 

2018 Opening Day.
I worked from home on Monday--Logan wasn't feeling well & thankfully, I have the flexibility to be home with him when I need to be. He was vegging on the beanbag next to me in the office when I got a text from my MIL. She had just received a text from one of her friends asking if the kid on her TV was Logan. She took a screenshot and sent it to Janet and it was definitely Logan smiling back at us.

Thankfully Janet's friend was able to rewind her TV and take a video of the entire commercial for us & I instantly went to our TV and turned on the game hoping to see it live but no such luck. I was able to record the replay of the game and even though the replays are often shortened due to TV time allotment, the commercial still aired. Without further ado...

The cool thing about this, it's a Sunday Family Funday at the K promo video so it should air ALL season long. The other cool thing, Logan isn't the only one in the video, our friends' daughter Kiley makes an appearance too. She's the little girl at the very end when the screen goes blue running behind Logan. I honestly thought this video coverage was from a few years back because Logan looks sooooo little but then I saw the back of his shirt - 17. Blue Crew 2017 and this just happened to be the day after his 6th birthday. We met the Griffiths out at the ballpark to celebrate Logan's and Mac's birthdays & since it was a Sunday, the kiddos ran the bases. Justin has the footage of us running the bases on his phone and sure as shit, there's a camera guy picking up Logan as he turns seconds base heading to third. 

Guess being in front of my camera all those times prepared him for this moment--zoning in on the camera for a few seconds and then jogging off every so cutely. So be on the lookout for a #RaisedRoyal blonde hair boy on a TV near you. 

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