Sunday, February 4, 2018

Puzzles Galore.

We've found a new family pastime at home. Puzzles. 

I've always loved putting together a good puzzle but for the most part, it's been me putting them together. Until now. Kaden has taken to them too. I'm not sure if it has to do more with his age or more with the fact that he is more focused than he used to be since we've been working through his ADHD diagnoses but whatever it is, he is loving them & he's pretty darn good at them too. 

I found a fun puzzle series called Joe Journeyman and basically Joe tours around the US visiting each of NFL stadium & taking a snap shot of what he sees. They are full of crazy fans & funny landmarks but still give great insight into each city and what they are known for. 

We've done: The Kansas City Chiefs, The New England Patriots, The Seattle Seahawks, The Washington Redskins (which we ironically were working on when the news of trade of Alex Smith came in. He also wanted to send it to Alex Smith), and The New York Giants

Now, these puzzles can range in price and the only reason we have purchased the ones we have (outside of the Chiefs) is that they were on SALE and a massive sale at that. As we work our way through one puzzle I head out to Amazon and check to see which of the teams have dropped in price & if one has, I pick it up. Now, that doesn't mean once we are done with one of the puzzles we never put it back together again, in fact, the Chiefs puzzle has been put together 5+ times (missing a few pieces now thanks to Gus) and then both the Patriots and the Seahawks a couple times. Puzzles kind of go in the same bucket as books with me, I am more than happy to buy them as long as they are being read and used---helps that we moved a table out to the living room so it makes it more of a family activity. So if you need a good puzzle, we have a few! 

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