Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Extras

 We kicked off the new year with getting back into the swing of things with church. Logan wanted to look his best this particular Sunday and threw on the ole bow tie.

Stoli missed Gus while he was away at training school just as much as we did. She quickly realized the number of treats she would get each day dropped when he wasn't around! 

He was having trouble sleeping one night and asked if he could borrow it...

Exceptional movie. So good.

In his blood.

Logan 0
Snowblower 1

After Gus returned from his 2 weeks at training school it was up to us to continue the training. Logan has loved every bit of it.


He dressed himself this day. Well, most days he does but this day he wanted to look extra nice--no particular reason--so back out the bow tie came. & he let me actually fix his hair.

Brodi loved looking out these windows and Stoli LOVES find the sun each morning. Gus loves both.

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