Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Logan & Amazon

Cute dog, right?!

The other day I was on Amazon and noticed a number of items in my cart that didn’t belong there. I deleted them but quickly clicked on my previous purchases to ensure other random items were not ordered. That’s when I saw that this little guy was set to arrive by 8 pm Wednesday evening. I also noticed that it was being sent to one Logan South. I asked him about it. He proudly exclaimed that he was needing something soft to sleep with so he searched for stuffed animals and found this cute little guy. And with one click he was on his was. 

As soon as he arrived, Logan opened the package and then I instructed him to hand it over. This cute little guy was now mine and Logan is not happy to learn he has to earn him back. He’ll be paying me in reading minutes, how many, I haven't decided just yet. 

Rest assured, we had a little talk regarding Amazon & how he is NOT to add anything to the cart and purchase it. He is to come and talk to us. Then we will discuss, we will discuss how he can maybe work towards said item, after all, we don't just buy things to buy them. We work for them.

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