Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lil Man Turns ONE!

A year ago today, 12.14.16 this lil man entered the world & became the last Hartley grandbaby---well, at least in the Tom Hartley family. 

It's still hard to believe that a full year has gone by, I mean, he was just so small & so damn cute. 

Holy. Batman. Cuteness.

Thankfully, his cuteness factor has only grown. But ONE, come on.

Yet, here we are, celebrating Mr. ONEderful turning ONE. Kaden and I had plans to head home with my mom a few days early but Papa Tom got sick and didn't want Kaden and I getting it so we made the road trip with Justin and Logan on Sunday morning--Gus even got to tag along.

Next time we head down south with Gus, we will certainly be taking the Yukon. Gus may need a little more room to stretch out! 

Lindsey and Zack (ha, Lindsey) did such a great job with the party. The theme was perfect for our little one year old man. The food was beyond yummy--can you say Grandma Hartley's meatballs? Trenton loved his presents but loved his cake even more. It was a quick trip for us but we wouldn't have missed his first birthday party for the world.

Happy Birthday Trenton, you are the cherry on the top to this family! 

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