Sunday, December 3, 2017

4th Annual Framily Christmas Gathering

Each year we try to gather our friends around the holiday and do some sort of activity with the kiddos. In previous years we have done things like gingerbread houses, decorated cookies, Christmas santa plates so instead of going with something that we know works for all kids, decided to change it up. We were going to try and make snow-globes. The boys love snow-globes so why not give it a try--maybe it ends up a one year thing maybe it because a yearly thing, only time would tell.

We love to entertain. & I love when the kids are involved even more. The smiles on their faces as they work to create their masterpiece as they shove handfuls and handfuls of candy into their mouths are priceless. So I filled the table with lots of yummy candies.

& one snow-globe wasn't going to do, we were making two. One with some traditional Christmas figures and then another with the characters of Disney's Mickey's Christmas Carol.

The concept was pretty simple. Glue your little figurine to the lid, fill the jar with water, add glitter and twist. Ta-Da. Super easy for any age.

Personally, I loved our Santa plates last year and these snow-globes were just okay. And although they were just okay, they still made for a great time with friends. We crafted. We ate. We drank.
We were Merry.

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