Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Flu Shots--Oh Boy!

You'd think by looking at the above picture that they both took it likes champs. Well, you'd be half right. One took it like a champ while the other completely lost his shit. Like screaming bloody murder lost his shit. 

I figured it was best to be honest with the boys so I told them a few weeks back when I got my flu shot, that theirs was coming up. Kaden had his 8 year well visit & well, flu shots were being tacked on. They didn't like hearing that but they didn't flip out. Fast forward to Tuesday night, the night before the dreaded flu shot -- and Logan was losing his shit. He was so upset that he couldn't calm himself down for about an hour. We rocked together. I had him lay with me. I had him lay without me. We were breathing together. You name it, we were trying it. Finally he was able to calm himself down enough to come lay on the couch and for the next few hours things were good. Then bedtime came & shit was lost again. 

Thankfully, it was much easier to calm him down this time around. I asked him what he needed. He said he wanted to talk to the doctor. To ask a few questions. Easy enough, that was something I could get behind so I told him prior to the shot we would discuss things with the doctor but if she stated we needed the shot, we would have to get the shot. He agreed but quickly threw out an alternative, Logan was fully prepared to get TWO shots next year if that meant he didn't have to get any this year. Nice try but not sure it works like that, however, I wasn't going to burst his bubble just yet--let the doctor do that. 

It was flu shot day & you could see that both boys were a little nervous. I suggested to Justin that he stop by the house and pick up their lovies and then I got some Skittles and some bubbles to hopefully help take their mind off of things. Kaden said he got upset in class just as he was getting ready to leave because he was worried about how much it would hurt. By the time I met up with them at the doctors office they were both very quiet. We got called back and the nurse started taking Kaden's measurements---80th percentile in height (down from 95th--she believes that a major growth spurt is right around the corner. God, help me) & 70th percentile in weight (also down but more due to his new medication). All in all, he checked out perfectly. 

It was flu shot time now. I asked for two nurses so that we could just do it at the same time. I asked for Kaden to be super brave to help Logan. Everyone was on board. Skittles were in one hand and lovies in the other. Nurse #1 and #2 walk into the room with their trays, Logan starts to loose his shit. As I am trying to comfort him, I look over and Kaden is clenching his teeth and a band-aid is being placed on his arm. He took it like a champ and was tell Logan that it didn't hurt that bad, Logan couldn't hear anything over his tears so I did the only thing that I could. I wrapped my arms around him in a bear hug as tightly as I could. I held one arm tight against me and pressed my head down against his and as tears strolled down my face I nodded to the nurse. 

It was over. 

But now, I had two upset boys. I guess Kaden had a dose of sympathy cries for Logan. We gathered our composure in the room and a few minutes later we walked out with our eyes watery and red but with our heads held high. We celebrated with a Root Beer from Sonic. 

The only thing Logan was now worried many days in a year. Guess that means the countdown till next years shots has already started. 

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