Friday, September 29, 2017


This past season we haven't made it out to The K as often as we would have hoped and with the season closing in on us, we knew we had to make it a priority. We had to get back to The K to see our favorite Boys in Blue for this could, most likely will be, the last time we see four of our favorites all in a Royals uniform at the same time. You see, Hosmer, Moose, Cain and Escobar all have contracts that come to an end after the close of this season. & well, we couldn't let them leave without a proper farewell.

I'm sure most of MLB won't understand why all of KC's hearts are broken and that's okay because to us, it was more than just a couple playoff runs. It was more than just a World Series title. 

It was watching our own boys grow up alongside this once young team. They wear Moose shirts and get Hosmer haircauts. They wanna run the bases like Cain and play shortstop like Esky. This team taught our boys a REAL love of the game and as a parent, it was something pretty special to watch and I am beyond grateful Kaden and Logan got to experience so much with our Boys in Blue. 
They sure made their mark here in KC--in the best possibly way. 

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