Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another Newman Wedding

It was Cory and Jordan's turn.

Their wedding was being held at a winery near Lake of the Ozarks. Seven Springs Winery to be exact. We contemplated making a weekend out of it at the lake but instead we got tickets to a Royals game and drove down early Saturday morning. & the entire way down to our lake house, which was 2 1/1 hours, the boys read their new books--the quietest trip to the lake EVER. 

We arrived at the lake house & Grammy, Craig, Adam, Becky and Colton were relaxing on the deck so the boys (Justin included) and I joined them. We only had a few hours to kill before we needed to change into our wedding attire and head to the ceremony--which was about an hour away. 

Talk about a gorgeous venue. Rows and rows of vineyards making for some very picturesque and of course the photographer in me & the mom in me, wanted to get the most perfect picture. It wasn't happening though & a few of my boys were getting a little annoyed by me so we just went with what we had. Still cute & when looking at this picture I can't get over how big Kaden is getting. I have on wedges and he is still up to my shoulders.

The entire South clan & Craig---but he's more than family now.

& during the reception Kaden wanted to take a picture with me and that darn Logan snuck in behind us for the perfect photobomb. This picture makes me smile so much it hurts every time I look at it. 

The ceremony was beautiful, they each wrote their own vowels and they were so personal. You could just tell that they chose each and every word carefully & thoughtfully with only one another in mind. After the fairly short ceremony -- thank you Cory and Jordan -- we enjoyed a cocktail hour while they took pictures and then the real party started. Jordan is an entertainer. She seems all small and quiet but let me tell you the girl can dance and she has so much fun doing it too. So it came as no surprise that their first dance was a huge hit and the daddy/daughter dance was one for the books. It was crazy good & got everyone on their feet and to the dance floors.

The boys weren't as into the dancing this time around but they sure loved the candy and popcorn bar and made sure to get a to go bag as we headed out to the car to start our trek home. The rest of the family was staying at the cabin but I had to work the following afternoon and I really just wanted to wake up in my own bed so Justin took one for the team and drove us all the way home. We walked in the door at 11:56. Be congratulations to Cory & Jordan, we were so honored to witness the start of your next journey together.

Two Newman boys down. One more to go. In about 8 months too.

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