Monday, May 8, 2017

sMOREs celebration

*Disclaimer--I did a horrible job documenting this birthday party with pictures--it just didn't happen this time.

Of course we couldn't just have one birthday party for the Golden Birthday Boy…so we threw a second party, one with our family and friends. At the park. Our favorite park. & since we were having it outdoors, I figured I would go with a little woodland theme. Nothing too crazy, just a simple cake and a few cupcakes.

Yeah right! Me, simple. Nothing is ever really simple when I get involved and often times I make it way too difficult but did try really hard on choosing where to add a little "extra" effort and where to go easy.

The cake. It got extra effort. As I was perusing Pinterest I ran across a cake that looked like a smores so I thought, I could do that. Gave it test run and you know, it wasn't bad so the night before his birthday, I made another. Now, by no means is this some of my best work but Logan could not have been more excited about his cake. & I love being able to make their cake each and every year.

& a few cupcakes too.

& then we put a trail mix bar together.

The end. Oh & my dad, well he humored me when I asked for a special favor and he cut some chunks of wood that I could put all the treats on, he's a pretty good guy.

As everyone started to arrive the kids entertained themselves on the playground. They ran and ran and ran. Once everyone seemed as though they found their way to the party, we started the scavenger hunt...

It took a few minutes for them to work through the scavenger list but when they were done they were all ready to sing happy birthday to Logan and to dig into the treats.

Family is everything to me and to know that my family drove 4 hours round trip with a 5 month old baby and a new puppy for a 2 hour party to celebrate everything that is Logan, just means the world. I mean, look at this family…

I couldn't ask for a better one. And then you have these little people---life is busy and takes us in so many different directions but one thing is always constant, this group. When I look at this picture it's hard for me to believe just how much things have changed in a few short years...

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