Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Out

I am a mom. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Out of all the roles I play, it is by far the most challenging but absolutely, without a doubt, the most rewarding too. I mean, these two get to call me mom---I get to hug them and snuggle them & love on them pretty much whenever I want to.

Do they test my patience? Absolutely. Do they get sent to bed early? Most definitely. Do I love them more and more each day? You bet I do. I'd give my life for them, without hesitation.

That doesn't mean I don't need a break from time to time though. To refuel, do me so that I can come home and be a better mom to both boys. So for Mother's Day, I did just that. I took my day into my own hands and planned a little movie double feature with my moving-lovin' best friend Jenn. Why you ask? Because if I would have stayed home, it would have been just like any other day and nothing would have seemed special, this was special. The boys were aware of the plans all along and were happy to let me go and spend some time with their dad--who was also totally on board with my idea.

Justin likes to say that I can't ever give gifts on the day they are meant to be given. For instance, I give him his birthday gifts early, his Christmas gifts early, even Father's Day gifts. I just can't wait and he is partly true but only because I know he is either going to want them before each of those dates or he needs them for something else. Well, he can't wait either. He and the boys gave me part of my gift on Friday night--the complete new Arbonne spa line--it's heavenly. I was so excited because this was something that I wasn't going to buy on my own, great gift.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, Kaden comes in at 5:50 in the morning--"Mom, Happy Mother's Day. I made a card for you."

"Sweetie, thank you so much, but can you go back to bed for just a little while, it is WAY too early."

Next thing I knew, it was time to get up and head to church. & the service was so meant for me and how I have been feeling lately. God knew what I needed. As soon as church was over we headed home, I changed into something a little more comfy & headed out to the movies. First one was starting at 11:20 and the second was beginning at 1:30 so we of course took Chipotle into the theater to eat. We started our double feature off with Gifted, (great, GREAT movie) and ended it with Snatched which was okay as it was vulgar and certainly nothing to write home about. Our afternoon at the movies wrapped up about 3:15 and we headed home to our families.

I spent the rest of the afternoon hearing "Mom" this or "Mom" that but I didn't get too worked up about it because I am lucky to have that title. We played outside. We read--both boys actually did the reading and I was just amazed at what great readers they have become, especially Logan seeing how at the beginning of the year he didn't think he would EVER be able to read. We had dinner with Grammy and Craig, Justin grilled salmon--one of my favorites. & then we got ready for the school week. Mother's Day was a perfect mix of treating myself and spending time with my little loves who call me "Mom."

But the celebrating didn't end there, Kaden's first grade class was having a Mother's Day Read-in where all the mommies, grandmas, aunts, or friends enjoyed a picnic and an hours worth of reading with their son or daughter on the playground. Kaden and I found a great little shade tree and finished one of his Weird School books before starting another. I loved the extra one on one time we got with each other and hands down, the BEST. LUNCH. DATE. EVER.

I'm one lucky momma, only thing that was missing from my day--my mom. The one who showed me what unwavering love looks like. The one that I gain a greater respect for on a daily basis--she was and still is one of the most selfless people I know.

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