Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Randoms

A play date with a buddy.

This is a big deal--he has a hard time warming up to small dogs.

Valentine's Day boxes for school

His biggest fans--after his dad and I.

Spending the day in 1st grade.

He was not happy with the outfit I chose for class pictures.

From my basketball boys. 

He didn't mind wearing what I asked him to.

The kid loves stuffed animals.

Feeding carrots to our wildlife--3 seconds after this picture was snapped, a turkey flew out from underneath Kaden and scared the daylights out of us. Seriously, freaked out.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Season To Remember

For as long as I can remember I have loved basketball. Some of my earliest memories are playing at a very young age and having my dad coach our grade's girls team. I have been waiting patiently for the boys to take an interest in basketball and finally, last year it happened. Justin and I decided that for our anniversary we would put in a basketball goal and get the kiddos a couple balls and from there it slowly took off. We would play Pig or Horse, we'd shoot for extra/early bedtime and I'd work with them on their shots. Nothing hardcore, I wanted them to want to play. 

Baseball season came around and the basketballs went up for a little while. We'd pick them up from time to time but the focus was on baseball but that didn't mean I wasn't counting down the months until basketball sign ups. I asked both boys and they said sure. I signed them both up--Kaden in Olathe Parks and Recs, hoping to get with some kiddos his age and then Logan with GABL so he could play a little 3 on 3 before heading to full 5 on 5. 

And then the email came, 12 first graders but no parent had signed up to coach or even to help coach. Part of me was jumping at the bits to replay back and say yes, the other part of me was completely unsure about what I would be getting into & frankly, a little nervous I didn't have what it would take. I talked it over with Justin and with Kaden and we decided that since December and January are typically slower months for me when it comes to travel that I'd raise my hand. 

I wasn't the only one to raise their hand so they split the two teams in half and added a few additional late comers to our teams to give us 8---on a full day. I took on the first practice by myself but quickly realized that with 8 first graders I needed help and my saving grace, Mandy, raised her hand when I asked for it. 

The season started off rough, real rough but our boys kept smiling and they were having a good time which is all we could ask for. 

Week by week, practice by practice, game by game they improved. They worked on each of the skills we had covered the practice before and implemented them in the game. It wasn't always pretty but you could tell they were starting to get the hang of it. They were sharing the ball, they were looking ahead of them for the open man, they were bellying up BIG when their opponent picked up the ball. 

And on the second to last game Aiden passed the ball to Jax and Jax didn't hesitate one bit and took the shot---it went in. Seeing Jax work so hard all season long and for it to have paid off like that was everything. Every parent, sibling, coach was on their feet cheering for him in that moment---highlight of my season. 

We ended the season with another tough game but the boys played so hard and you could tell just how far they all had come. Coaching was so much harder than I had expected, it was emotional, it was nerve wracking, it brought out insecurities in me that I was unaware of--was I doing enough for the kids, were the parents happy with the season. So many ups and downs but in the end, these smiling faces were enough reason to do it over and over again.

We celebrated the season with a little medal ceremony & continued the fun at Johnny's for pizza and games. It gave the boys time to hang out outside of basketball & it allowed the parents a little time to relax and talk too. And as we headed out for our team celebration, Mandy and I were handed beautiful flowers from the boys and I snapped a picture so I could not only take them on my trip with me that week but also so I could remember just how special this first season was.

Awesome kids. Awesome parents. And the BEST partner in crime a gal could ask for when it came to a coaching buddy. Thanks Mandy, couldn't have done it without you!  And your hubby.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Get Away

We hadn't been home in a few months, and by home I mean my mom and dad's. As weird as it may sound, SW MO will always be home to me. Now this doesn't mean that I don't feel like KC and the home I have here with Justin and the boys isn't home---it completely is, it's just a different home. Anyways, the Souths had not been home since Christmas and it was time to head south, as in Arkansas south and spend some time at the lake with my sister and her kiddos. While we were in town we would celebrate Blake's 13th birthday & Lindsey was going to bring Madison and Trenton down so we could all enjoy the children's museum.

Arkansas is a good three hour trip for us so first up was a stop at Grandma Sara's and Papa Tom's for a quick potty break--and a ride on their new toy. Somehow both boys managed to get Papa to let them drive it, I covered my eyes.

About an hour after we left we made it to Arkansas. As soon as we walked into my sisters house the boys and I got busy with helping Blake reorganize and decorate his room which was once his older brother's room. As were got to moving things around the boys found the XBox and that is where they spent their entire weekend. They were in heaven and hey, on a little vacation too so I didn't mind too much.

We were pretty much spoiled the entire weekend, the boys had Blake to play with and Leah cooked some amazing meals, she's 15 and these meals could give Justin a run for his money.

Sunday we started our day at Crystal Bridges, my sister wanted to grab a few pictures of her and her kiddos while I was down.

We mainly walked through the museum to find certain locations but along the way Kaden wanted to stop and admire some of the art.

The ABCs of Intestines.


The Red Eye

And his favorite--art that he could partake in. You got to pick up a piece of candy and then drop the wrapper on top and walk away.

We didn't have as long as I would have liked at the museum but the kids were ready to get to the Children's Museum where they could run and play. Not to mention, where we would get to see Madison and Trenton too. They arrived shortly after we did and before heading in we made all the kiddos pose for one picture for Grandma Sara...

& then they were off to explore.

& thankfully we left the water area for last as the kids were completely drenched after playing--guess we missed that memo about aprons.  

My favorites from our day with cousins--

Madison looks so grown up and so completely and utterly cute here. Like a tiny little princess.

& since Aunt Jennifer wouldn't let me pay for my own kids at the museum, she sneaked in and paid ahead of time while I was taking pictures, I took the kiddos shopping and let them pick out one stoy and then a Worry Monster. Logan of course picked out another stuffed animal, his name was Ted & then Kaden had Silly Putty and Madison when with a stuffed snake. The Worry Monsters were my favorite though, they have a pouch with a zipper and whatever you are worrying about, you write it down and then stuff it into their mouth. The Worry Monster then takes the worry away for you. 

We said goodbye to Lindsey, Madison and Trenton and headed back to Jennifer's for a little rest before heading out to dinner---to the same place, and I believe the same table that we celebrated Blake's 2nd birthday so many years ago.

Sadly, after dinner it was back to the house and to bed they all went, Leah and Blake had school the next day and we were taking off for Grandpa and Grandma's house to meet their newest pup, Samson.

They boys weren't really wanting to say goodbye to Jennifer and the kids but we did and started our trek back home, KC home with a detour in Carthage. The boys were in love with Samson. Even more in love with Grandpa's golf cart. I was pretty much down and out with a cold that had been working it's way in the entire weekend so I hung with the pup while everyone was outside. He's just as sweet as he is cute.

& sadly, the one thing on my list that I wanted to do while home was hold this little monster but I wasn't about to get him sick. So I stayed back & only said hi this one time, while his momma left the room & I think he missed me too as a smile immediately came across his face when I said hello. There's always next month.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Heart Day

Another birthday celebrated and another Valentine's Day in the books.

This Valentine's Day was a little more exciting than most because not only was I able to attend both boys' school parties but it marked my LAST time organizing a school party as room mom, well, co-room mom. I was Kaden's room mom last year so I figured when Logan got the same teacher this year as Kaden had last year, I might as well do it again. You know, recycle all my old emails and such & let me tell you, so much easier the 2nd time around. Although, I get more nervous talking in a room full of kindergartners and their parents than I do on stage in front of 100 people.

More often than not when I am home I head downstairs to get the kids their breakfast but I had to be a little sneaky this particular morning because I wanted Justin to be the first to walk in the bathroom downstairs. I had this grand way of showing him how much I loved him, 30+ sticky notes grand that I had put up after everyone had went to bed the night before. So I asked him to get the kids breakfast going, ensuring he'd be the first downstairs and he was. He saw my little surprise but he wasn't all that impressed which is completely par for the course. I show/feel love by words of affirmation, he shows/feels love by taking care of things around the house. We just have different love languages and you think 9 years into marriage we would have this all figured out but we don't...we still have time.

After getting the little boys on the bus to school and the big boy off to work it was my turn to head in. The morning went by quickly and before you knew it I was headed to school for the class parties. & trust me, I totally remembered not to park where I did last time in fear that I would get a ticket, but this time, I had to walk a little bit further. In heels. Carry 40 pounds. #workingmom

The parties kicked off & the kids were having fun. I'll be honest, I was handed a GREAT group of parents to work with. The healthy and sweet treats were always top notch, the crafts were very well thought out and the games always had the kids wanting more...until I planned them. This time around I didn't have a parent volunteer for games so I stepped in. I planned a cute little game called Cupid's Arrow where the kids would take straws and load q-tips into them and then try to blow the q-tip into a bowl. The q-tips were pink and purple so we divided the class into two teams---utter failure.

The second game was a Heart Race. I had two buckets for each of the teams, one filled with candy hearts, the second with no hearts. They had to use their straw to transfer one heart from one bucket to the next. Not a total failure but certainly not their cup of tea.

The third game we just handed out prizes and skipped altogether. I totally envisioned those games going differently and some might say, well they are just five---I tried them out with Logan and Kaden first and they both had zero issue with them so I thought we were good.

Some room moms like to go out with a bang, I went out with a flop---but I'm okay with that.

& this kid, was just glad I was there with him.

For anyone who may be hesitant to be a room mom--do it. At least once. For our school it was more about dictating what needs done and communicating to the parents. I can dictate. It also allowed me to be at pretty much every school party for the past two years, I missed one Valentine's party last year with Kaden. It's easy to plan on going to all parties, it's also easy to get caught up in something and say next time---being involved held me accountable to my kids. I get that not everyone can attend class parties and believe me I get that. I am beyond blessed to work where I do, to use my time off as I see fit--I choose school parties. & helping out in the classroom from time to time. It brings me joy, the kids joy & helps keep my priorities straight in life.

& this year, was even better because I got to walk right down the hall and see this big guy. Having both boys in the same place AH-MAZING! And as we were leaving for the day, a student yelled, "by South boys!" Music to this momma's ears.

Just cause school was over didn't mean our day was over--we headed home, ate a quick snack and we headed back up to the school for Kaden's basketball practice. I was hesitant to hold practice so instead, just told the parents that we would be there and if the boys wanted to come then that would be great. Most all showed up and we had a great practice.

Finally it was back home for dinner. A special dinner at that too. ASA, which isn't so special, we have it often but earlier that day, we had our fireplace fixed so it was ASA in front of the fireplace. Maybe Justin knows the way to my heart after all.

& we can't forget my annual Valentine's Day shoot of the boys...

Saturday, February 11, 2017


So that just happened, I turned 35. You know what else happened that day, Lego Batman movie came out in theaters. Guess which one the boys were super stoked for? You'll only need one guess. Yup. Lego Batman. & they were out of school. Parent teacher conferences. So instead of getting that massage I so wanted, I pulled my mom pants on & took them and their buddy to the movies.

The boys thought the movie was AWESOME and gave it a 1000% thumbs up. I thought it was certainly cute but wouldn't be seeing it without them.

Next up, Grandma Sara and Papa Tom would be up to stay with the boys. It was about 1ish when we got out of the movie and for the next 2 hours all I heard was, "how much longer till they are here?". I finally had to tell Logan that if he asked again then he would be in his room until they got there. Finally they pulled into the driveway and they came baring gifts---Grandma had a card for each boy with money and Papa had tomatoes for Kaden and carrots for Logan. They both were beaming with excitement about it too.

My mom also brought up some Valentine's cookies which I stacked to create a "cake" for my birthday. The boys helped light the candles and then blew them out more than once before the song was over which led to me relighting and starting over. I can still hear Logan chuckling...

I blew out the candles, opened my cards and then the boys were off with Grandma Sara and Papa Tom. They had a special adventure waiting for them---they were going to get to meet Papa Tom and Grandma Sara's new German shepherd puppy. This little guy was 6 weeks old & now is need of a name. Kaden suggested Sam. Papa Tom already had Samson on his short list. Pretty sure they thought it was meant to be but I guess we will see next weekend when we get to visit the pup again, this time at Grandma Sara and Papa Tom's house.

Justin and I's night, well it was just beginning. Hamburger Mary's was on the docket. Little did I know that it was such a happening place so when I called for reservations, they didn't have anything until 9. We had some time to kill now. We picked up my dear friend Angela and she suggested a new sushi place by her house--we were game. We started to head out the door when she handed me one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts that I may have ever received.

Seriously. Is this not amazing?!? Her mom did it, which makes it that much more special.

Dinner was great. I hadn't had sushi in a LONG TIME. & our company was good too. Alex Gordon and Luke Hochever were dining by us. With their wives. Alex and I share a birthday, granted, he is two years younger than I am but still good company to have!

After dinner wrapped up we headed to Hamburger Mary's. It would be a new experience for all of us & we weren't 100% sure what to expect but we were all game.

We had a blast. I can't really say good, clean fun but good fun certainly! The best part, I wasn't made to feel bad when we decided to call it a night after Dining with the Divas. We had another busy day the next day.

Speaking of the next day, we kicked it off with two basketball games & a birthday party before Justin and I quickly changed and headed back out the door to the Boulevard. Tiffany and Jason had purchased a tour for 10 at their daughter's school auction which included an open bar after the tour! I don't like beer but I was excited to go.

After the tour was over we got to try a few of their new test beers---I tried the grapefruit flavored beer and then their cider beer they will be rolling out in the next few months, it was delicious. So I had myself a full beer upstairs--I know, took me 14 years to have a beer.

After the tour we dined at District Poor House in Waldo and then ended the night in OP. It was a great Saturday spent with some wonderful people, some we see often, others we don't see hardly enough. Thirty-five was off to a pretty darn good start.