Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Winter Apocalypse

The 2017 Winter Apocalypse will certainly go down in history but not for the reason we were expecting. It will go down in history because it was hyped up soooooo much and NOTHING happened. They called school off the night before "it" was expected to hit but yet it wasn't to hit until after 6 pm that evening and they still called it for the day. The boys ended up with an extra day off from school and while we kept waiting for something to happen with the weather, it just never did.

The boys played all weekend--mostly with their Hot Wheels which they hardly ever play with so this was a nice change of pace for them.

Saturday morning we had nothing to get up for because when they canceled school for Friday, they also canceled all school activities which included the boys' basketball games. For the most part, we stayed home again, waiting for something to happen. Justin checked out the roads and when he gave me the thumbs up, I took off to a movie with Jen--La La Land was calling our names.

Saturday night we chilled at home together. I finally got the last of the Christmas presents put together and the boys spent the rest of the night practicing their pitching.

Sunday brought more of the same until it was time for our Chiefs to play. The game was scheduled for noon but then with the "pending" weather they moved it to ensure safety of the spectators. We had invited friends and family over to watch the game and although are numbers dwindled we still had a good showing but the game wasn't going the way that we wanted it to. Sadly, the Chiefs lost at the very end with a questionable, subjective, holding call which would have tied the game. Justin was bummed. I was bummed. BUT I didn't have to work the next day and the boys were off so we had that going for us.

& we had been cooped up for way too long, it was time to get the boys out and about. Over the last few weeks we have watched most of the Star Wars movies so what better way to spend our morning than heading to the movies to see Rogue One. Cousin Colton, Becky, and Grammy met us there too.

Kaden has the sniffles really bad but thankfully Grammy and I were the only ones that could hear him sniffing through the entire movie--poor kid just wasn't feeling well.

Although we spent most of the boys' 5 days off from school at the house waiting for this ice storm that never came, it was also a wonderfully quiet break. The holidays were so hectic but not these 5 days, they were peaceful.

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